New petition urges BBC to hire Alan Partridge as ‘Top Gear’ presenter

The petition has already amassed over 4,000 supporters

A petition has been launched urging the BBC to hire Alan Partridge as Jeremy Clarkson’s replacement as Top Gear presenter.

The BBC announced a week ago (March 10) that Clarkson has been suspended following a “fracas” with a producer. The corporation’s internal investigation, which is being headed by Ken MacQuarrie, the director of BBC Scotland, began yesterday (March 16). Now a user called Lorn Macdonald has started a petition titled “Hire Alan Partridge for Top Gear“. At the time of writing, the petition has amassed over 4,000 supporters.

“Alan has a strong track record for broadcast presenting, from his relaxed professionalism with guests on BBC chat show Knowing Me Knowing You to his effortless banter on his talk shows at Radio Norwich,” the petition argues. “He has good experience with motoring TV, after his brilliant work on Crash! Bang! Wallop! (What A Video!). His work as sports presenter on news programme The Day Today also shows off his ability to talk about and inform on a range of topics.”

“We believe this diversity of experience and his noted passion for cars puts Alan in great stead to take over as chief presenter after Clarkson’s successful tenure,” the petition adds. “Mr Partridge is both capable of retaining what has made the show great over the years and adding a new and vital reenergised flavour to the show.”

Partridge, the alter ego of comedian Steve Coogan, was last seen in his own feature film, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, which opened in cinemas in August 2013 and found the beleaguered broadcaster under siege at Radio Norwich.