New series of ‘Men Behaving Badly’ is a pipe dream, says Neil Morrissey

Morrissey and Clunes reprised their '90s roles for a Channel 4charity sketch in 2014

Neil Morrissey has dismissed the idea of a Men Behaving Badly revival as “a pipe dream”.

After replacing original star Harry Enfield, Morrissey played Martin Clunes’ laddish flatmate for five series from 1992 to 1998. He and Clunes reprised their popular roles as Gary and Tony for a Channel 4 charity sketch in 2014, which was written by the show’s creator Simon Nye.

Asked about a full-scale Men Behaving Badly comeback by Digital Spy, Morrissey replied: “I seriously think it’s a pipe dream, I don’t think it’ll ever happen. All things begin with a script, so if something turns up then we’d all take it seriously. Martin and I did a sketch or two, and it’s surprisingly easy how we fall back into it.”


Responding to the suggestion of an Inbetweeners-style film outing for Gary and Tony, Morrissey said: “Wouldn’t it be great? The Inbetweeners was great! Write to Simon Nye and tell him!”

“I suspect, if you were to do it again today, it would just be transporting the characters,” Morrissey added. “I guess the main body of the piece would have to be how things aren’t the same anymore.”

“Even in real life, Martin and I find ourselves moaning about how things have changed. It would be more like that, a retro thing. People would see us as dinosaurs because of our attitudes and misogyny. They’d be out of their world.”

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