New ‘Star Wars’ Blu-Ray trailer – video

Discs will feature over 40 hours of bonus material

A new trailer for the Blu-Ray editions of the Star Wars saga has emerged online.

The video reveals yet more glimpses of the content available, content which includes behind the scenes footage, deleted scenes, effects work, audio commentaries and a host of documentaries.

More footage from the nine-disc set was shown this weekend at Empire‘s Big Screen event at the weekend, the second of this year’s Comic-Con style events in the UK, after Mark Millar’s Kapow.

The content shown to the faithful, in a panel hosted by Anthony Daniels, included everything from special effects work to rotational models of every major vehicle.

The Blu-Ray releases are nowhere near the end of the line for the original Star Wars films and newer trilogy, with Lucasfilm planning to release all six films in 3D next year, beginning with The Phantom Menace.

The Blu-Ray discs are released on September 12.

You can check out more on the nine-disc edition over at