New ‘Starship Troopers’ movie to be less violent?

The producer of the 'Starship Troopers' reboot suggests it will be less "violent" than the original

The new Starship Troopers movie is likely to be less “violent” than the original, says the film’s producer.

Last year, it was reported that the 1997 film was being rebooted alongside Total Recall and RoboCop, two other sci-fi action films from director Paul Verhoeven.

The new Starship Troopers film is still in the early stages of development, but the Total Recall remake starring Colin Farrell will open in cinemas in August.

Tony Jaffe, producer of the Verhoeven reboots, told Empire: “The more expensive a film is, the harder it is now to make it that violent. With Recall in particular, we made a conscious choice to keep it tonally closer to something like Minority Report. It gives the studio, and us as producers, the opportunity to reintroduce it in a new way.”

Jaffe also revealed that the new Starship Troopers film will offer a very different take on the source material, an award-winning 1959 novel by Robert A. Heinlein. He explained: “Verhoeven took [the novel] from one extreme and made it almost comical, whereas our job is to be a little more faithful to the book, and ground it a little more. Verhoeven made his movie a critique of fascism, whereas Heinlein was writing from the perspective of someone who had served in World War II. Y’know, one man’s fascism is another man’s patriotism…”

The new Starship Troopers film is being scripted by Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz, who previously collaborated on the screenplays for X Men: First Class and Thor. No director or actors are currently attached to the project.