New Suicide Squad photo implies Joker and Harley Quinn have abusive relationship

Threatening Joker image shows what darker film would have looked like

A newly-emerged photo has emerged from Suicide Squad, in which The Joker appears to be threatening Harley Quinn.

Shown in the Brazilian edition of Rolling Stone, the photo sees The Joker, played by Jared Leto, menacingly wave his finger at Harley Quinn, as played by Margot Robbie.


It’s known that the film had two largely different edits. The one shown in cinemas to almost universal critical derision was a lighter, more mainstream film. A more downbeat version, favoured by director David Ayer and several of the film’s cast, was said to be much darker in tone.

First revealed by superhero fansite Batman News, the photo of The Joker and Quinn shows a more abusive context for the pair’s relationship. In the cinema version of the same scene, the two characters simply embrace.

In early publicity for the film, Robbie had said Quinn and The Joker have “an incredibly dysfunctional relationship”.

Whether this would have been enough to transform the studio edit’s dismal reputation remains to be seen. The Daily Telegraph film critic Robbie Collin argued that one of the film’s most upsetting scenes was of Ben Affleck’s Batman appearing to be sexually violent towards Quinn.

None of this has stopped Suicide Squad being a success with audiences, taking £49.3m at the box-office in the US on its opening day alone.