New viral campaign for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ launched

Warner Brothers launches new marketing drive to promote their summer blockbuster

The producers of The Dark Knight Rises have launched another viral campaign to support the film’s summer release.

The new campaign consists of a new online bundle, which begins with a poster that says that Batman is wanted in connection with an ‘Anonymous Vigilante Investigation’. You can see the bundle in full at

According to the poster, Bruce Wayne is wanted for six counts of first degree murder, including the slaying of a pair of police officers and former District Attorney, Harvey Dent. The bundle then features a Gotham Police Department memo, which also indicates that the caped crusader must be apprehended before “Harvey Dent Day”.

Also included within the new online bundle is an invitation to a scavenger hunt which includes a string of global locations listed at which pictures should be taken and sent to the film’s Twitter account. A number of UK locations are listed in the locations.


The final page of the online bundle features a bag of photo film, with pictures already sent it by fans who have visited the locations listed and sent it their photos.

The Dark Knight Rises, which is released on July 20, is the third and final Batman film by Christopher Nolan. The movie will see the Liam Neeson reprise the role of Ra’s Al Ghul alongside a returning Christian Bale, Gary Oldman and Michael Caine. Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway play new characters, Bane and Catwoman.

A new trailer for the film was recently released with the new film Avengers Assemble.