New York Comic-Con unveils latest look at Disney’s ‘Big Hero 6’ soundtracked by Fall Out Boy – watch

The Marvel Comics adaption will be released in UK cinemas January 23

The latest look at Disney’s adaption of the Marvel comic Big Hero 6 has been unveiled at New York’s Comic-Con. It is soundtracked by Fall Out Boy’s ‘Immortals’.

The film will be released in the US on November 7 and is due to reach UK cinemas January 23.

During a Q&A at the Comic-Con in New York, director Chris Williams told fans: “The story is about a young genius named Hiro Hamada who initially isn’t using his gifts in the most constructive of ways. He’s actually spending his time making money in illegal, back alley robot fights. His older brother Tadashi wishes he was using his talents in a more positive way, so he lures Hiro out to the university that he attends, hoping that by exposing him to school friends, the high tech lab and his latest creation, a robot named Baymax, that he’ll inspire Hiro to enroll in school and choose a more positive path in his life.”

Co-director Din Hall added: “We all felt like it would be great for us to take Big Hero 6 and really make it our own, create our own unique world. And just like the movie is a mash-up of Disney and Marvel, we wanted to do a mash-up of Eastern and Western culture, and we chose a city called San Fransokyo.”

Described by its makers as a love letter to Japanese culture, the film is inspired by, but not specifically based on, stories from the Big Hero 6 comic.

The latest trailer premiered at the New York Comic-Con. Watch below.