Nicolas Cage agrees to return stolen dinosaur skull to Mongolian government

Cage has not been accused of any wrongdoing

Actor Nicolas Cage has reportedly said he will return a stolen dinosaur skull to the Mongolian government.

According to a report by news agency Reuters, the Oscar winner bought the skull in 2007 from I.M. Chait Gallery in Beverly Hills for $276,000, outbidding fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio in the process.

In July 2014, Cage was told by US authorities that the skull might have be stolen, and now that this has been proven true, Cage has said he will return it to the Mongolian government.


The skull is that of a Tyrannosaurus bataar, an Asian carnivore the length of a killer whale. The 70-million-year-old fossil was taken from the Gobi Desert and smuggled into the U.S. illegally.

Fossils dealer Eric Prokopi was jailed in 2014 for smuggling dinosaur bones from Mongolia into the US, including those of a Tyrannosaurus bataar, but it is unknown whether he is connected to the stolen skull. Neither Cage nor the gallery have been accused of any wrongdoing.



Earlier this year it was confirmed that Cage would be starring opposite Sky Ferreira and Elijah Wood in 2016 indie crime film The Trust.

Cage and Wood will play a pair of dodgy cops who attempt to pull off a heist after discovering their local grocery store contains a secret vault stuffed with drug money.

Ferreira’s role in the film is currently listed as ‘Woman’. The ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’ singer finished shooting Elvis & Nixon earlier this year – a 2016 movie about the infamous meeting at the White House between Elvis Presley and President Nixon, starring Kevin Spacey and Michael Shannon.