Nike announces ‘Back To The Future’ trainers – video

Promo video features Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown

Nike have announced that 1,500 copies of the Nike Air Mag sneaker, as seen in Back to the Future II, will be sold via eBay to help raise money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Bidding on the trainers has already began with figures of $5,000 a pair already being placed. You can check out bids, and if you have the cash place them yourself, over at

Rumours of an announcement started when Back To The Future producer Frank Marshall tweeted:

Something big is coming soon. Can’t say anything yet. No one should know too much about their own destiny.

This initially led to fans fearing that a remake or sequel was to be announced, before Marshall posted a link to the advert along with the line, “Going to need a lot of hoverboards…”

The main promotional video, which you can see below, features Saturday Night Live regular and Superbad actor Bill Hader selling a pair of shoes to basketball star Kevin Durant before one Doctor Emmett Brown turns up wanting a pair for himself.


While the trainers may not be self-lacing yet, Doc Brown is pretty sure that, by 2015, they will be.

Last month, Christopher Lloyd featured in an advert for an Argentinian Electronics store dressed in full Doc Brown outfit, driving the DeLorean. The week before, co-creator Bob Gale reveled how Doc and Marty became friends.