NME’s ‘Star Wars’ movie marathon – live!

Follow us as we liveblog our (possibly foolhardy) attempt to watch all six films, back to back

As of 0900 hours tomorrow (September 13), our resident film lover/critic/geek/nerd Owen Nicholls will watch the entire Star Wars back-to-back. Boldly attempting what quite a few men and women have done many times before. Just never in such glorious definition.

After much careful consideration, (read: a couple of people on Twitter throwing in their two cents) it was decided that the films will be watched in chronological, rather than by order of production: Episode I to Episode VI, The Phantom Menace to Return Of The Jedi. A short ten minute break for sunshine and lollipops will occur after Revenge of the Sith (Episode III).

If you have a spare day or fancy playing Wookie Hookie and wish to participate, grab yourself a copy (available from all good Blu-Raymongerers) and we’ll synchronise watches on Twitter. Build-up from 08.30. If you can only make it for one or two of the films we’ll try and keep you posted as to when start times will occur so you can pop in the discs and tweet along. Hashtag is #starwarsmarathon

And don’t worry this isn’t going to be geeky and sad at all, as long as you remember…

The force will be with you, always.