‘No Time To Die’ director says new film is “a culmination of all that Bond has become”

"We aim to do something extraordinary with this one"

No Time To Die director Cary Joji Fukunaga has said that the upcoming movie is “a culmination of all that Bond has become”.

The long-awaited 25th instalment of the hit franchise is due for release on April 2, and will be Daniel Craig’s final outing as the iconic spy character.

Set five years on from the events of Spectre, the film will catch up with a retired 007 who’s enjoying a quiet new life in Jamaica.


“For me as a writer and a director, it was essential to rediscover Bond. Where is he? After five years of retirement, who has he become?” Fukunaga explained in a new behind-the-scenes video shared today (February 25).

“[James Bond] is sort of a wounded animal, struggling with his role as a 00. The world has changed, the rules of engagement aren’t what they used to be, the rules of espionage are darker in this era of asymmetric warfare.

“The people close to Bond, those he considers to be family, are at great risk and now there is someone new out there, more dangerous than anyone he has ever encountered, and whoever they are is smarter and stronger than Spectre.”

He added that “from the moment [Bond’s] called to action to the end of the film is a race – not only to save the world but their lives.”

Fukunaga went on to describe No Time To Die as “a culmination of all that Bond has become. It’s all that he’s seen, all the trauma, the loss.


Daniel Craig as James Bond
Daniel Craig

“What is that mission, that will be his most challenging and his most difficult? That was our target. We aim to do something extraordinary with this one.”

Speaking of how Craig will bow out with his final portrayal of Bond, Fukunaga said: “Everything that was left unsaid will finally be said. This will be the final chapter for Daniel Craig.”

You can watch the full video above.

No Time To Die‘s official synopsis explains that Bond’s newfound tranquillity is “short-lived when his old friend Felix Leiter from the CIA turns up asking for help.

“The mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist turns out to be far more treacherous than expected, leading Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology.”

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