‘To All The Boys’ star Noah Centineo opens up about past drug use: “It was a really dark time”

Centineo rose to fame as a Netflix YA heartthrob

Noah Centineo has shared his experiences of past drug use. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the actor opened up about his tumultuous teenage years.

Centineo has risen to fame in the last few years since starring as Peter Kavinsky in Netflix YA romcom To All The Boys I Loved Before, and now the sequel, To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You.

In a video swarming the internet in 2018, Noah Centineo had said he was sober. Those comments have now been expanded upon in the new interview. After his parents separated and he moved into a hotel room with his mother which spurred a new lifestyle.


“As the 15-year-old living in close quarters with my mom, I felt an obligation to step up and fill a role, fill a position that was vacant at that time,” the actor said. “And in doing so, I bristled and I kind of shoved down a lot of emotion.”

He then moved out at 17 and began what he calls his “wild period”. Centineo said he would “take Molly and talk for five hours and like get to the bottom of some really deeply philosophical existential questions.”

When asked what drugs he would take, the actor said, “Everything. There wasn’t really much I wouldn’t do,” he said. “I was really upset, man. It was a really dark time in my life.”

Noah Centineo has been sober since the eve of his 21st birthday. Recently the actor played Langston in Elizabeth Banks’ Charlie’s Angels reboot, and reprised his role in the To All The Boys sequel, which NME gave two stars.