Nokia is bringing back its slick phone from ‘The Matrix’

Answer calls like Neo with this nostalgic piece of '90s kit

It’s been announced that the Nokia 8110 – made famous by The Matrix – is making a comeback.

The slider phone, with its distinct shape, was a cutting-edge piece of tech when it was released back in 1996. A few years later, it was made iconic by being featured in the Keanu Reeves-starring movie The Matrix.

Fans are sure to remember Reeves’ character Neo slickly sliding the phone down to answer a call from Morpheus – before dropping it over the edge of a skyscraper. Check out that scene below.


Now, HMD Global – who have now taken over the Nokia brand – are getting nostalgic by bringing back the mobile as an alternative to high-end smartphones. Last year, the company made a similar move by rebooting their classic 3310 model.

It won’t be quite as basic as the original model, though. The product will feature 4G – along with apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Google’s Assistant and Maps. You’ll also find the game Snake – because what Nokia is complete without it?

The company are pitching the device as a ‘weekend phone’, offering users a “chance to switch off, have fun and relax in the knowledge that all your smartphone essentials are there when you need them”. Check out the video of the phone below, via The Verge.

“The Nokia 8110 comes with the craftsmanship you expect from a Nokia phone, delivering durability and reliability as standard,” HMD say. “With a familiar and easy to use interface, it features intuitive tactile mechanics, with slide to answer and end calls, as well as an addictive helicopter style spin on its axis.”


Available in ‘banana yellow’ or black, the Nokia 8110 is set for release in May, costing £69.

Meanwhile, it was reported last year that the legendary sci-fi franchise The Matrix could return – with Warner Bros apparently being in talks to make a new movie.


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