Noomi Rapace will not return for Prometheus sequel

Ridley Scott has already confirmed that Michael Fassbender will return

Ridley Scott has confirmed that Swedish actor Noomi Rapace will not return to her role of Dr Elizabeth Shaw in Alien: Covenant, the sequel to 2012 film Prometheus, itself a prequel of the Alien films.

The director had previously said that Rapace would be appearing in the new film along with Michael Fassbender, since their characters were the only survivors of Prometheus.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Scott said that he was still casting main characters for the new film, in which Fassbender will return as a synthetic named David. Katherine Waterston, who starred opposite Fassbender in 2015 biopic Steve Jobs, will play a leader of a new team of explorers.


Last year Ridley Scott revealed that he had mapped out three Prometheus sequels which will ultimately bring the story to the start of his classic 1979 film Alien.

Scott will start shooting the first of his Prometheus sequels – and second Alien prequel – in Australia in March. Alien: Covenant is scheduled for release on October 6, 2017.

Discussing how 2012’s Prometheus will eventually link up with 1979’s Alien, Scott told The Hollywood Reporter: “Prometheus 1 was borne out of my frustration that on Alien 1 in 1979 – I only did one as I don’t normally do sequels. I was amazed that in the three that followed that no-one asked the question, ‘why the Alien, who made it and why?’ Very basic questions. So I came up with the notion of Prometheus 1, which starts to indicate who might have made it and where it came from.”

The director continued: “So I’m now going to the next one, which is the next evolution directly connected with the first one, which was this Shaw, when he replaced Michael Fassbender in two pieces and we’ll kind of pick it up there and it will evolve. When that’s finished there’ll be another one and then another one which will gradually drive into the back entrance of the film in 1979.”

Last year it was also revealed that Scott’s first Prometheus follow-up has put the mooted new Alien sequel on hold. Neill Blomkamp – director of Elysium and District 9 – announced earlier in 2015 that he was writing and directing a new Alien film, with Scott, director on board as a producer.

However, Blomkamp told his Twitter followers on October 30 that “alien is kinda holding/ pending prometheus 2”. Though franchise star Sigourney Weaver has yet to sign up officially for Blomkamp’s planned Alien film, the actress has spoken enthusiastically about the project on numerous occasions since it was announced.


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