Number of female directors in Hollywood has halved since 1998

Only 5% of the top grossing movies last year were made by women

The number of female directors working in Hollywood has halved since 1998, a new study has shown.

The Celluloid Ceiling study analysed the amount of females working for the top 250 grossing movies in the US. The latest findings show that women made up only 5% of directors during 2011.

While that is a 2% decrease from 2010, the amount of women directors has almost halved since 1998. It also revealed that women accounted for only 14% of writers, 18% of executive producers, 25% of producers and 4% of cinematographers, according to Reuters.

Kate Kinninmont, chief executive of Woman In Film And TV (UK) slammed the findings:

It’s shocking to find that gender equality in Hollywood is now actually running backwards. When Kathryn Bigelow became the first woman to win the Best Director Oscar in 2010, we hoped this was a sign that the dominant male culture in Hollywood was beginning to drag itself into the 21st century.

“These statistics are appalling, but understanding how bad they are is the first step to making things better. WFTV invites academics working on gender issues in film and television in the UK to contact us. We can publicise their work widely within the industry.”

The research was conducted by Dr Martha Lauzen of The Centre for the Study of Women in Television and Film, who explained: “While Bigelow’s win was very well-deserved and most likely gave her career a boost, it seems unlikely that issues as complex as bias in women’s employment and representation can be so easily resolved.”