Old Bourne stars on for ‘Bourne Legacy’

Joan Allen and Albert Finney set to return

Characters from The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum look set to return for the latest spy instalment, The Bourne Legacy, out next year.

As reported by Variety, Joan Allen, who played Deputy Director Pamela Landy, will be back in CIA threads to deal with new super spy, Jeremy Renner.

Renner will take over the lead from Matt Damon, who decided not to come back as the titular hero after Paul Greengrass chose not to return. Renner will play a new agent with origins similar to Jason Bourne.

Albert Finney, who played Dr Albert Hirsch in the trilogy closer, is also due to return.


While many have baulked at the idea of a Bourne movie without Greengrass and Damon, these new additions look set to continue the Bourne and pull the story in a new direction. Instead of, as feared, the whole enterprise feeling like too much of a reboot.

Earlier this month is was announced that Edward Norton is close to signing on for the role of the main villain.

With the original Bourne trilogy’s scriptwriter, Tony Gilroy, also boosted up to directing duties, The Bourne Legacy may have some legs after all. Legs that can run flat out, at any altitude, for half a mile.

The Bourne Legacy is due for release in the UK on August 17 2012.


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