‘Orange Is the New Black’ actress criticises Depp for calling actors who start bands ‘sickening’

Actress Taryn Manning has been a member of electro duo Boomkat since 2002

Orange Is the New Black star Taryn Manning has criticised Johnny Depp for calling actors who start bands “sickening”.

Earlier this week, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor – who is also an accomplished guitarist – insisted that he would never form ‘The Johnny Depp Band’, saying: “That whole idea for me is a sickening thing, it’s just always made me sick”.

His comments have clearly rattled Manning, who plays Pennsatucky in Netflix’ hit prison drama, but has also been a member of electronic duo Boomkat since 2002 and released a solo album and numerous solo singles. The singer-actress, also known for her roles in Crossroads and 8 Mile, took to Twitter earlier today (January 22) to respond to Depp’s comments.



Over the years, Depp has made numerous musical cameos, playing on tracks by Oasis, Bob Dylan and Marilyn Manson, as well as collaborating with Ryan Adams on new song ‘No Shadow’, which came out earlier this month (January).