Oscar nominee Dick Pope responds to ‘Dick Poop’ blunder: ‘I’ve been called worse’

However, cinematographer Pope claims he doesn't understand what it means to be trending on Twitter

Oscar-nominated cinematographer Dick Pope has responded to being called “Dick Poop” during the Academy Awards nominations announcement yesterday (January 15).

When the Academy’s President Cheryl Boone Isaacs read out the nominations in the Best Cinematography category, she mispronounced Pope – recognised for his work on Mike Leigh’s Mr Turner – as “Dick Poop”, causing the unfortunate blunder to trend on Twitter.


“You know what, I have been called a lot worse in my time,” Pope told USA Today when asked about the gaffe. “I don’t think twice about anything like that. I am happy to be nominated.”

Englishman Pope, who was previously nominated for an Oscar for his cinematography on 2006’s The Illusionist, admitted that he didn’t watch yesterday’s nominations live but has since been filled in by well-wishers.

“You don’t need to explain it to me. I have had it explained one hundred times. I feel sorry for the lady who made the mispronunciation,” Pope said. “[But] I have never been on Twitter and I don’t know what trending means. I am completely naive. All I know is that I have a lot of e-mails here saying I am trending on Twitter. They might as well be saying I am landing on the moon, as far as I am concerned.”

The Grand Budapest Hotel and Birdman led the pack at yesterday’s Academy Award nominations after receiving nine nods each. Meanwhile, one of the directors of The Lego Movie has built his own Lego Oscar after the film failed to receive a nomination in the Animated Feature category.