Oscar-winning producer to tackle ‘Spartacus’

GK films to revisit classic Roman epic

The Oscar-winning producer Graham King is working on a retelling of the epic drama, Spartacus.

According to Variety.com, King‘s company GK Films has bought a pitch from one of the co-writers of 300, Micheal B. Gordon.

The story is said to centre around the slave turned gladiator’s uprising against the Roman army of the time.

Posting on Twitter.com/GKFilms, the company said, “Spartacus will eschew the fictionalized storylines, and rely instead on more historic facts of Spartacus as a revolutionary.”

Before adding the story will be, “[focus] on Spartacus leading a band of 70,000 elite gladiators and 50,000 freed slaves in revolt against the Roman war machine between 73 and 71 BC.”


The story of Spartacus was previously brought to the screen by Stanley Kubrick, with Kirk Douglas in the lead role. There is still no word on who might play the new Spartacus, or who will direct.

Graham King won an Oscar for his role producing The Departed. GK Films‘ next movie will be Hugo by Martin Scorsese, due for release in the UK on December 2.