The Oscars to go ahead without a host after Kevin Hart controversy

“The producers decided to wisely not have a host."

The Oscars will go ahead without a host for the first time in 30 years after Kevin Hart controversially stepped down from hosting duties.

ABC Entertainment, which airs the Academy Awards, says the ceremony will instead rely on a revolving bill of celebrities to present the ceremony’s prestigious accolades.

It comes after Kevin Hart announced he was stepping down from the ceremony in December 2018, amid controversy over homophobic tweets from the past.


The comedian said he was “sorry he had hurt people”, after it had emerged that he called one user a “fat f*g” and said he would prevent his son from being gay.

The Oscars takes place on February 24

At one point, it looked like a return to the ceremony might have been on the cards, after Hart made a repentant appearance on The Ellen Show last month. 

However, he later confirmed that he definitely wouldn’t be returning to the prestigious gig after all – claiming to be “over it.”

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, ABC president Karey Burke said the lack of a host would help with time constraints by keeping the ceremony to three hours.


“The main goal, which I’m told the Academy promised last year, is to keep the show to three hours,” said Burke.

“The producers decided to wisely not have a host and have the presenters and the movies be the stars. That’s the best way to keep the show to a brisk three hours.”

The Oscars will take place on February 24 – with Roma, The Favourite and A Star Is Born all leading the race to awards glory. 


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