Oscars: ‘The Artist’ talent admit to resistance from Hollywood

'People did not want to help us', says producer of the night's big winner

The men behind The Artist have said they hope their film’s Oscar success will encourage risk-taking in Hollywood.

The French silent movie swept the board last night (February 26), winning five awards, including the coveted Best Actor, Best Director and Best Picture. But producer Thomas Langmann and director Michel Hazanavicius have now admitted that they were not taken seriously at first.

Langmann told the Hollywood Reporter: “When we started the movie, all the meetings were very short. No-one wanted to help us making a black-and-white silent movie.”


But he continued: “I knew that it would be different, that it would be original. All the weaknesses that were at the beginning became strengths.”

Hazanavicius added: “I hope the risk of The Artist inspires more risk-taking, but it takes 10 movies to change things, not one movie. But if it helps someone take a risk making a new kind of film, I would be very proud of it.”

He also said that the film’s success was already opening doors for him in the US: “This movie is bringing me new opportunities. People are sending me scripts. If it’s a good movie, I will do it because this is the home of great movies. The next movie I make will be in France, but maybe the next will be here.”

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