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Check out an exclusive clip from Russell Crowe road-rage thriller ‘Unhinged’

'Unhinged' will be the first major film back in cinemas post-lockdown

Hostages in Ukraine released after President promotes Joaquin Phoenix film

The actor has always been vocal about his stance on animal rights

‘La Haine’ is returning to cinemas in 4K this autumn

Celebrating the film's 25th anniversary

Watch the cast of ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’ reunite to celebrate film’s 10th anniversary

The cast and director Edgar Wright convened on Zoom to run through a full table read of the whole script

Christopher Nolan’s new film ‘Tenet’ has been delayed indefinitely

The anticipated sci-fi had already been pushed back three times

Watch the cast of ‘The Parent Trap’ reunite for a good cause

Lindsay Lohan and Dennis Quaid were among the reunited cast

‘Deadpool’ creator says there “may not be” a third film

Rob Liefeld also calls for Cable spin-off