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Joaquin Phoenix says publicity “impeded on the mourning process” after brother River’s death

"River was a really substantial actor and movie star, and we didn’t really know it."

Leading US cinema chains boycott Netflix Oscar nominees

The Irishman, Marriage Story and more have had to find other homes

The new trailer for ‘Bloodshot’ sees Vin Diesel level up

The story sees a man die and come back to life as an enhanced superhuman

Wait, has Brad Pitt spent his career trying to impress Shania Twain?

"Did no one realise that Brad Pitt played a rocket scientist, who had a car?"

Adam Sandler responds to ‘Uncut Gems’ being snubbed by Oscars

'Waterboy' fans will want to see this...

‘Morbius’ first trailer sees Jared Leto out for blood

Look out for the surprise MCU crossover