‘Paranormal Activity 4’ already in the works?

A Paramount executive said a fourth film could be out next November

A fourth Paranormal Activity movie is in the works, according to a senior executive.

Paranormal Activity 3 topped the UK box office chart this week, beating Contagion and taking £3,405,036 on its opening weekend. You can watch a clip from the film at the top of the page.

Now Paramount’s head of domestic distribution in the US, Adam Goodman, has said that a fourth film in the franchise is now almost definite.

He told The Wrap: “I can’t imagine that we wouldn’t make a number four, and I imagine [Paramount Film Group President] Adam Goodman this morning is thinking about the challenge. I’m sure he’s thinking, ‘Now what do I do?'”

On the possibility that a new film could be ready within the year, Harris added: “It’s certainly possible to have another October release. I’m sure the right material and the right director will have to come together with the budget because they don’t spend a lot of money.”

Despite this, the film still broke records in the US, opening to $54 million (£34 million), making it the highest-grossing September/October opening ever.Video