‘Paranormal Activity 5’ confirmed for October 2013 release

Paramount Pictures confirm release date for October 25

Paranormal Activity 5 will be released worldwide on October 25, Paramount Pictures has confirmed.

The fifth instalment in the found-footage horror series will be released to coincide with Halloween. This will mean that a PA film has opened in cinemas in October for five years in a row. The movie’s release date was first rumoured at the end of last month, but the studio has now officially confirmed.

The latest film in the supernatural franchise, Paranormal Activity 4, opened in cinemas in UK and the US last month (October 19). You can watch the film’s trailer at the end of this article.

Released in 2009, the original PA film was made for just $15,000 (£9,200) and went on to make over $193 million (£119 million) at the box office worldwide. It is often described as the “most profitable movie ever made” based on return of investment. Since then, the series has spawned a film a year, all shot in the “found footage” style of the original.

Meanwhile, in addition to PA5, Paramount is apparently planning a spin-off movie aimed at the Latino audience. Deadline reports that production will begin shortly so that the spin-off can be released next Spring (2013) – around six months ahead of PA5.

The spin-off does not have a title yet, but it is likely to feature a demon from the existing PA movies and will be shot partly in Spanish. Christopher Landon, who has a scripting credit on several previous PA movies, is in line to write and direct.