Paris Hilton wanted to cry while watching Sofia Coppola’s new film ‘The Bling Ring’

The film features scenes in which Hilton's actual house is burgled by a clique of LA teenagers

Paris Hilton has admitted she “wanted to cry” while watching scenes of her house being burgled in Sofia Coppola’s new movie.

The Bling Ring is based on the true story of a clique of LA teenagers who used the internet to track the movements of celebrities so they could burgle their houses while they were away. Between October 2008 and August 2009, the real life ‘Bling Ring’ is estimated to have stolen around $3 million (£2 million) in cash and belongings.

Hilton was one of the Bling Ring’s victims and gamely makes a cameo in Coppola’s movie. She also allowed the director to use her house for filming, though the results proved difficult to watch during The Bling Ring‘s premiere at the Cannes Film Festival last Thursday (May 17).

“I was really emotional watching it,” Hilton told Vulture. “During some parts of it, I literally had tears in my eyes and I wanted to cry. I knew what happened with the burglaries, but I had never actually seen it – so watching it happen, I was like, ‘Oh my God, this really happened to me. These kids were really in my house and did this to me.'”

Explaining how the film’s close to the bone burglary scenes made her feel, Hilton added: “It’s so violating. It just made me really angry and upset, and when I see these kids, I want to, like, slap them.”

The Bling Ring stars former Harry Potter actress Emma Watson as one of the light-fingered teenagers and This Is 40‘s Leslie Mann as her mother. Meanwhile, Bush’s Gavin Rossdale plays a club promoter who helps the thieving teens to hide their loot.

It’s due to open in UK cinemas on July 5 and you can watch the trailer below. Meanwhile, tracks by Kanye West, Frank Ocean and Sleigh Bells are all confirmed to appear on the soundtrack.