‘Parks And Recreation’ star Amy Poehler discusses ‘Anchorman’ axe

Poehler's role in the original 'Anchorman' was cut but she's still filmed a cameo for the sequel

Amy Poehler has spoken about being cut from the original Anchorman film.

Poehler, now known for playing incredibly committed local councilwoman Leslie Knope in Parks And Recreation, landed a role in 2004’s Anchorman: The Legend Of Burgundy but saw her scenes sliced from the final edit.

“You know, I got cut out of the first Anchorman. I was a young gal, hadn’t even got my teeth fixed, and I played a bank teller that Maya Rudolph and her gang robbed. I got into a fight,” Poehler recalled in an interview with Vulture. “Even back then, I was like, ‘This movie is so long, I’m never going to make it in this’.”


Poehler has now shot a guest spot for this year’s sequel, Anchorman: The Legend Continues, but the actress admitted: “I still feel that way. We’ll see if I actually make the cut.”

The second Anchorman film opens in UK cinemas on December 20. Watch a trailer below. In the meantime, the new season of Parks And Recreation will kick off on US network NBC this Thursday (September 26) with a special hour-long episode set in London featuring guest appearances from Heidi Klum and Happy Days legend Henry Winkler.