‘Parks And Recreation’ star Nick Offerman reveals he auditioned to play Wolverine

Ron Swanson went up for the part back in 2000 but lost out to Hugh Jackman

Parks And Recreation star Nick Offerman has revealed that he once auditioned to play Wolverine.

The Ron Swanson actor went for the part when director Bryan Singer was casting the first X-Men film, which came out in 2000, but ultimately lost out to Hugh Jackman, who has portrayed the Marvel comic book character on screen ever since.

Discussing the possibility of playing a superhero with Newsarama, Offerman said: “The most great superheroes I think too highly of to dishonour them by casting myself in their shoes. I tend to prefer the more modern teams of misfits.”

He then recalled: “You know actually, I auditioned for Wolverine when Bryan Singer made the first X-Men movie. I went on tape reading for that role. I always felt when I was younger, I could have taken a good crack at Wolverine.”

Jackman most recently appeared as the claw-sporting mutant in this summer’s solo vehicle The Wolverine and it has recently been confirmed that a sequel is in the works. His Wolverine will also feature in next year’s X-Men: Days Of Future Past, which opens in cinemas on May 22. Watch the trailer for the film – which also stars Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart – below.