Patricia Arquette believes her Oscars 2015 speech has ‘lost her roles’

Actress says her gender pay-gap speech would "cost people money"

Actress Patricia Arquette has spoken out about how she believes her acceptance speech at 2015’s Oscars Awards Ceremony has cost her work.

Recently, the Oscars have been surrounded by controversy for it’s 88th ceremony, with the #OscarsSoWhite campaign taking centre stage after all of the 2016 nominees were reportedly of white origin.

But Arquette – star of films such as True Romance and Boyhood – believes that the gender pay-gap that she spoke of during her 2015 acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress has ‘cost’ her work and roles since. Her comments sparked a debate and subsequently gathered swathes of supporters over the issues of gender inequality in Hollywood.


Speaking to Entertainment Weekly on the red carpet at this year’s ceremony on Sunday (28 February), Arquette said: ““I lost or … walked away from [roles]. I know that there was an issue with a couple of things, for sure, because I said something that made it very obvious. But it’s OK because I do believe in karma. And before I said it, I knew there was going to be some drama, because it would cost people money” she told reporters.

Watch the speech below:

“There are 33 million women and kids that are living in poverty in America, with a full-time working mom,” she said last weekend at the 88th Oscars Awards Ceremony. “We need to address this and we need to address this right away” she continued, reiterating the point she made during her speech.

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Last year Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette reprised their roles from classic black comedy film True Romance at a one-off “live read” event in Los Angeles in November 2015

Slater and Arquette starred as lovers on the run in the coke-fuelled 1993 film, which was written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by the late Tony Scott.

The True Romance “live read” event is being organised by director Jason Reitman (Juno, Up In The Air, who told Entertainment Weekly that when he reached out to Slater and Arquette, both actors agreed to take part provided that the other was involved.

Explaining why he has decided to revive True Romance for one night only, Reitman said: “Tarantino was the first punk rock filmmaker of my generation, and True Romance is a film that hit me at the right time when I was thinking about becoming a filmmaker myself. This will be the third of Quentin’s scripts we’ve done. We did Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction and he did his own reading of The Hateful Eight as part of the series.”

The True Romance “live read” event starring Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette will take place next Wednesday (December 16) at Los Angeles’ Ace Hotel.

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