Patty Jenkins in final talks to sign on to direct ‘Wonder Woman 2’

The sequel to this year's hit superhero blockbuster has already been confirmed and will be released in 2019

Patty Jenkins is in the final stages of talks to sign on as director of Wonder Woman 2.

The director was at the helm for the first Wonder Woman movie, which starred Gal Gadot and was released earlier this summer to great success.

The sequel was confirmed last month at Comic-Con and a release date of December 13, 2019 set. Gadot has also been confirmed to return, but Jenkins has as yet to agree to work on the second film in the new DC franchise.

According to Deadline, Jenkins wants to ensure she is receiving a wage equal to or greater than what a male director would be paid for the same work and following such big box office takings on the first film. A studio source told the site they were “confident the deal will be reached soon.”

Wonder Woman took over $800m (£621m) worldwide during its cinematic release and had the best opening ever for a film by a female director.

Earlier this year, Jenkins tweeted about her desire to continue working on the franchise. “Now I want to make Wonder Woman 2,” she wrote. “It’s a beautiful story to tell, an important time to tell it and with people that I love.”

After fans took that tweet to be confirmation of her return she added: “Thanks for the excitement but that wasn’t a confirmation. Just talking about ideas and hopes. But still excited and hopeful ;).”