‘Peep Show’ fans react badly to news that cult sitcom is getting another US remake

The show's creators will serve as "consulting producers" on the remake

Many Peep Show fans seem dismayed that yet another US remake of the Channel 4 sitcom is now in the works.

US networks have already tried to remake the cult comedy starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb twice before, in 2005 and then again in 2008, but neither attempt ever made it onto screen.

Now US cable network Starz is trying again with a new remake written by Eli Jorne, who is best known as executive producer of Wilfred, the quirky comedy starring Elijah Wood. Peep Show‘s creators, Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, will serve as consulting producers on the remake.

“We are hugely relieved to hand over the responsibility of coming up with the dark and twisted thoughts of two terrible men to the extremely funny, dark and twisted Eli Jorne,” Bain and Armstrong said in a statement.

However, fans on social media seem largely unconvinced, with one writing on Twitter: “If they remake Peep Show, then they deserve Trump.” Check out a selection of reaction tweets below.

The original British version of Peep Show, which followed the trials and tribulation of dysfunctional south London flatmates Jez and Mark, bowed out in December following a 12-year, 54-episode run on Channel 4.