Man dressed as Pennywise from ‘IT’ sighted ‘terrorising’ youth in Bristol

Local reports say a man holding balloons chased a group of girls through a park in Yate

There have been reports of a man dressed as Pennywise from IT “terrorising” a group of teenage girls in Bristol.

The new film remake of Stephen King’s classic tale recently hit cinemas and brought in a record-breaking $117.2m in North America during its first few days.

Now, following the so-called ‘killer clown’ craze last year, the Bristol Post reports of complaints about a man in a clown costume in Kingsgate Park in Yate, near Bristol earlier this week.


According to the local report, the man was “holding a bunch of balloons, and began taunting the girls as they passed by” before “chasing them through a park”.

“The girls were frightened, screamed and ran,” a woman wrote on the incident on Facebook. “The person got up and chased them from Kingsgate to the One Stop near the common, laughing. This is an absolutely awful thing to do to teenage girls. My friend’s daughter is shaking with fear.”

It movie

Speaking to NME recently, actor Bill Skarsgård – who plays Pennywise in the new movie – discussed the impact of IT on the public’s fear of clowns.

“The clown thing is strange… I found this documentary”, Skarsgård said, “It stressed that up until the novel of IT there wasn’t a collective fear of clowns… Then this book was released and it really changed how everybody viewed clowns.”

“If you look at the depiction of scary clowns in films, you don’t really see any prior to IT. Then in the late ’90s they started popping up all over the place.” Skarsgård added: “Certainly this movie’s not going to help these poor professional clowns who are just trying to entertain kids”.