Pennywise’s lair from the new IT film looks suitably terrifying

"We all float down here"...

Leaked concept art has shown Pennywise’s lair from the new adaptation of Stephen King’s IT, and it’s looking suitably terrifying.

The visualisations, which were obtained by Entertainment Weekly, seemingly confirm that the new film is very much in keeping with Stephen King’s original vision.

An exterior shot of the lair show that Pennywise is still lurking in the sewers with a creepy entrance that is swamped by algae and overgrown trees in the middle of the woods.

Another visualisation shows the inside of the lair – which is swamped with broken tiles and a foreboding sense of darkness.

The new adaptation, which stars Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise, is set to hit cinemas in September this year – with Stephen King previously giving it the thumbs up.

Producer Seth Grahame-Smith shared a Instagram post in March which featured a screen-grab of an email in which King apparently praised the “wonderful job” the team have done with his creation.

The trailer was also released earlier this year and gave fans a terrifying glimpse of what to expect from the film.

The new adaptation has been helmed by Mama director Andreas Muschetti and stars Jaeden Lieberher as Losers Club leader Bill Denbrough, alongside Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard as Richie Tozier.

It it set to hit cinemas on September 8.