Peter Jackson’s ‘Tintin’ sequel to be released in 2015

'The Hobbit' director will shoot the performance capture for the movie next year (2013)

Peter Jackson is aiming to have his sequel to The Adventures Of Tintin ready for a 2015 release.

In a press junket attended by Bleeding Cool, Jackson revealed that he intends to shoot the performance capture for the movie next year (2013) – while he is still putting the finishing touches to his The Hobbit trilogy.

Released last year (2011), The Adventures Of Tintin was directed by Steven Spielberg using computer animation and motion-capture performances from actors including Daniel Craig, Andy Serkis and Jamie Bell. Jackson served as a producer on the film, which grossed over $373 million (£231 million) worldwide.

For the sequel, the pair have essentially swapped roles. Jackson will direct, while Spielberg will remain on board as one of the producers.

Meanwhile, Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey finally arrives in UK cinemas today (December 13). Scroll down and click ‘play’ to watch the trailer – and click here to read NME‘s review. The second film in Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy is due in December 2013, with the third to follow in July 2014.