‘Pineapple Express 2′ trailer released as April Fools’ Day joke – watch

James Franco and Seth Rogen reprise their roles as stoner buddies... but all is not as it seems

A fake trailer for Pineapple Express 2 was released yesterday as an April Fools’ Day Joke. Scroll down and click ‘play’ to watch it.

The parody promo features James Franco and Seth Rogen reprising their roles as stoner buddies from the cult 2008 comedy written by Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Pineapple Express 2 is billed as “the most anticipated sequel in human history” and apparently centres on a plot to kill Woody Harrelson.

In a nod to the original film, MIA‘s ‘Paper Planes’, which famously featured on the Pineapple Express soundtrack, is also used in the trailer for the supposed sequel.

However, there are currently no plans to make Pineapple Express 2 and the trailer turns out to be a sneaky teaser for This Is The End, the new movie from Rogen and Goldberg. It’s set to arrive in UK cinemas on June 28.

This Is The End is a comedy set in the aftermath of a global apocalypse in which a raft of stars play fictionalised versions of themselves. Alongside Franco and Rogen, Rihanna, Emma Watson, Jason Segel, Michael Cera and Mindy Kaling will all make appearances.