Here’s why the male characters were cut from Pitch Perfect 3

Three of the Barden Bellas' boyfriends were axed from the third movie

The director of Pitch Perfect 3 has defended the lack of male characters in the movie.

Bumper Allen (Adam Devine), Benji Applebaum (Ben Platt) and Jesse Swanson (Skylar Astin) were all cut from the third instalment of the acapella franchise, despite having relatively prominent roles as boyfriends to the Barden Bellas in the first two films.

Director Trish Sie has spoken out about the decision to The Hollywood Reporter, stating that the script had already cut the characters before she came onboard and that Platt was busy on Broadway. 


“I think the main purpose was these girls are moving on with their life. Maybe they’ll get back to these guys at some point. A lot of people don’t end up with their college boyfriend,” she said.

Sie added: “We wanted it to be about them and their independence and finding their way in the world and moving ahead alone. And it just felt like it was time to make a fresh start.”

She also expressed hopes that the musical films, which star Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick, will continue into the future.

“I would see these movies on and on and on until they start sucking. I think whether it’s these women in the next stage of life or it’s a new group of women going through these things, I think there are endless ways to chart the course of the girls’ lives and a woman’s life.


“If you were to do a reboot you’d have to spend a lot of time making the chemistry right. But assuming you can get that — singing, dancing, laughing, solving problems together, unlikely heroes, band of misfits — that stuff is sort of timeless and wonderful and, as far as I am concerned, I would watch it over and over and over again.”

Pitch Perfect 3 opened in cinemas on Friday (December 22).

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