A minor plot detail in ‘Thor: The Dark World’ has annoyed Londoners

Londoners, unite.

A minor plot detail in Thor 2: The Dark World has been called out for its inaccuracy – and it’s winding up Londoners quite a bit.

The superhero sequel, released in 2013, sees the Asgardian hero battling for the fabled Nine Realms – with a key scene occurring in Greenwich, South London.

But in a nod to London’s heritage, the film also includes a scene where Thor takes the tube – riding three stops from Charing Cross to Greenwich.

This, as any self-respecting Londoner will tell you, is a fictional route  – and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Posting on Twitter, TechnicallyRon rightly declared that “Greenwich is not three stops from Charing Cross”, and instead offered a revised version of the script.

Offering the new lines of the ‘commuter’ who provides directions to Thor, he wrote: “Well this is a southbound Bakerloo line, so you’ll need to change at Waterloo, then get on the eastbound Jubilee line to North Greenwich, but that’s actually not right next to Greenwich so you’ll have to get the 188 bus for 15 minutes and get off at the Maritime Museum stop.”

In a final jab at the film, he added: “If you can stop talking and just stand there, that would be great. This is London, we don’t talk on the tube.”

Despite his pedantry, it seemed like he had quite a few supporters.

“HOLY SHIT THIS HAS BOTHERED ME FOR YEARS”, one Twitter user responded.

Meanwhile, Thor will make his big screen return next week with the hugely anticipated release of Avengers: Infinity War – which sees the superhero team facing their biggest challenge yet as they battle against Thanos, who is hell-bent on getting his hands on the infinity stones that will grant him control to the universe.