Pokemon live action movie is go

It’s based on a video game Pokemon character, not Pokemon Go

The first live-action Pokemon film has been confirmed by its makers, film studio Legendary Entertainment.

The film will be based around Detective Pikachu, rather than cashing in on the current Pokemon Go craze.

Detective Pikachu is a new character in Pokemon, having been introduced in a video game in Japan.

Legendary Entertainment told Variety that production is being fast-tracked so that filming can start in 2017, with casting details yet to be confirmed. As with previous animated Pokemon films, distribution will be done by Universal Pictures.

The video game Great Detective Pikachu was released in Japan in February. The detective isn’t as nimble as other Pikachu and relies on his intelligence to overcome foes. He is helped by Tim Goodman, the only boy who is able to understand what Great Detective Pikachu says.

Since Pokemon Go was released last month, shares in owners Nintendo have risen by 25% as the interactive real-life collection app has become a phenomenon.

Legendary Entertainment has experience of making films based on video games, having recently released a Warcraft film directed by {i]Moon[/i]’s Duncan Jones. It is also behind the Batman reboot.

Pokemon celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. It has sold 21.5 billion cards and its animated cartoon has run for 19 series. It is also responsible for 279 million video game sales