Police confirm more women have made claims against Noel Clarke

But there is no criminal investigation open at this time

More women have reportedly come forward with further allegations against Noel Clarke, the Metropolitan Police has confirmed.

Scotland Yard explained that there is currently no criminal investigation against Clarke, who was first accused of bullying and sexual assault in April.

Clarke, known for writing, directing and starring in the Hood trilogy films, was accused by 20 women in an exposé published by The Guardian of a variety of wrongdoings – from alleged bullying to sexual harassment and unwanted sexual contact. He denied all claims through his lawyers except for one, accepting that he once made inappropriate comments about one woman for which he later apologised.


Noel Clarke
Noel Clarke. CREDIT: Dave Benett/Getty Images

A new statement from the Metropolitan Police obtained by the BBC reads: “On Wednesday, 21 April, police received a third party report relating to allegations of sexual offences allegedly committed by a male over a period of time.

“A number of other women have since come forward and informed police of other incidents involving the male. All of the incidents are currently being assessed by officers to ascertain if any offences have been committed. There is no criminal investigation at this time.”
Earlier this month, the BBC said it would not proceed with any projects involving Noel Clarke in light of the allegations made against him.BAFTA suspended Clarke’s membership and his cinema contribution award win after the claims were published in the exposé.

In May, more than 800 members of the film and TV industry signed an open letter calling for change following the allegations made against Clarke.

The letter highlighted a broader culture of sexism and sexual harassment against women in film and TV, and called for industry-wide action to be taken.