Potential new ‘Scarface’ film in the pipeline

Latest version will not be a sequel or a remake

Universal Pictures are reportedly considering a new version of the Scarface story.

The studio, who made the 1983 version starring Al Pacino and also own the rights to the 1932 original, are planning to update the story for the modern age.

As reported by Deadline, the new film will be neither a remake or a sequel but rather an amalgamation of the story and themes of the two previous films. Essentially an immigrant pursues the American Dream through violence and crime.

Martin Bregman, a producer on the 1983 take on the tale, is said to be on board for the 21st century version and is currently meeting writers to work on the script.

The idea of attempting to eclipse the Brian De Palma remake has already brought cries of derision from the internet community.

The objections are not dissimilar to those angry at the thought of the 1932 version – by legendary filmmaker Howard Hawks – being updated.

Last month, the cast and crew of the 1983 Scarface – including Pacino – reunited for the Blu-ray release.