Presidents Of The United States Of America respond to Larry David’s gripe about “idiotic” ‘90s song “Peaches”

"I am complete now"

Presidents Of The United States Of America have responded to Larry David poking fun at them on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The US grunge band acknowledge the episode from a couple of weeks ago, in which actor Dylan O’Brien threw a rock concert which David attended.

O’Brien performed a cover of Presidents OF The United States Of America’s ’90s track ‘Peaches’, after which David spoke to the actor backstage and asked: “What would prompt a person to sing such an idiotic song?”


The actor then replied in the show: “Because the way it’s aged 20 years later. Do you see how relevant it is now?”

The band’s frontman Chris Ballew has since taken to social media, reposting the clip from the episode on his Instagram account and writing: “I am complete now that I have received Larry David’s scorn.”

Check out the clip here:

Meanwhile, Larry David recently said he was “relieved” to be uninvited from Barack Obama’s 60th birthday party. 

David had told the New York Times that he feared he would be asked to do a stand-up routine with three days notice when Obama’s assistant called him, and was “so relieved” when he was told he could no longer attend.


“I was pretty glum when I finally called back his assistant,” the comedian said.

“When he told me I was eighty-sixed from the party, I was so relieved I screamed, ‘Thank you! Thank you!’ He must have thought I was insane. Then I hung up the phone, poured myself a drink and finished my crossword puzzle.”