‘Prometheus’: Michael Fassbender did not watch ‘Alien’ movies to prepare

The actor says he took other inspiration for his role as the android David

Michael Fassbender has revealed that he did not watch the original Alien films to prepare for his role in Prometheus.

The actor plays the ship’s android David in Ridley Scott‘s prequel to his 1979 classic. But he has now claimed that he did not feel the need to base his performance on the other robots from the series, Ash and Bishop.

Fassbender told Shock Til You Drop: “I don’t know why, but sometimes you do, like when I was doing Jane Eyre, I watched as many of the Rochesters as I could get my hands on, but for this I made a decision not to watch the Alien movies.”

He did however take inspiration for the character from elsewhere in the Ridley Scott canon: “I watched Blade Runner and I looked at the replicants – well, I looked at Sean Young. There was something in her character, a quality there that I kind of liked for David, this longing for something or some sort of a soul at play there, a sort of vacant element.

“I don’t know exactly what, I just knew there was a quality there that I liked and then Hal from 2001 and The Servant with Dirk Bogarde. And then Peter O’Toole’s character from Lawrence Of Arabia and The Man Who Fell To Earth, David Bowie. So those were the kind of ingredients and then Greg Louganis, the diver, so that was sort of the mixture.”

You can watch Fassbender in action as David in the Prometheus trailer below.