‘Prometheus’: Ridley Scott and the cast on the red carpet – video

Watch the director talk about the movie's inspiration on NME.COM

Prometheus opens today (June 1) and you can watch Ridley Scott and the movie’s cast at the world premiere in the video above.

As everyone will be aware, the director returns to the world of his 1979 classic Alien for a kind-of prequel, set 30 years before the horrific events aboard the Nostromo spaceship. And on the red carpet, the director reveals what made him return to science-fiction.

Scott says: “The idea that was presented came from the first Alien because there was a question that was never answered and it was not ignored but it slipped away and I sat and watched all the Aliens occur and realised that nobody had actually answered the question, so we involved that.”

The question in question is that of the ‘space jockey’, the giant humanoid with his stomach ripped out who appears at the start of Alien, the identity of whom is never addressed in any of the many sequels. Scott takes that question and spins out philosophical creation story.

Screenwriter Damon Lindelof said of the challenges of taking the job, “I said to anyone who would listen, ‘God I’m gonna screw this up and people are gonna hate me, I’m gonna screw up a Ridley Scott movie’. Then I reminded myself that if my life’s achievement is screwing up a Ridley Scott movie, that’s not bad! It’s better to have screwed it up than not gotten a shot.”

Stars Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron and Guy Pearce also appear on the red carpet in the exclusive video clip.

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