‘Prometheus’ viral introduces Michael Fassbender’s ‘David’

Online video gives tantalising new glimpse of Ridley Scott's 'Alien' prequel

A new Prometheus video introducing the character of David, an android played by Michael Fassbender, has landed online. Click below to watch.

The viral arrives in the guise of an informational advert released by Weyland Industries, the sinister company at the heart of the Alien films. The ad sells the virtues of artificial intelligence to companies looking for someone/something special to add to their team.

In the video, Michael Fassbender narrates the ‘human like’ aspects of his personality, while promising that he can do things that others may find “unethical”. As an 8th generation artificial being David is branded as “technological, intellectual, physical and emotional.” Like a walking, talking, flower sniffing iPod8.

Last month, the Shame and X:Men First Class actor discussed how he intended the part to be “played with ambiguity”, likening David’s interaction with humans as infused with a mixture of abuse and contempt.

For more online content from the mysterious world of Weyland, including an introduction to the company from Guy Pearce’s Peter Weyland, visit the Weyland Industries website.

Prometheus is due for release in the UK on June 1.