‘Prometheus’ writer: ‘sequel not a foregone conclusion’

Damon Lindelof addresses the questions which are not answered

Prometheus writer Damon Lindelof has warned fans that a sequel might not definitely happen.

The writer, along with director Ridley Scott, have been vocal about their desire to follow up the Alien ‘prequel’ with another story. Indeed, one of the main criticisms of the film, which opened last week, is that not all of the questions posed are answered.

However, talking to the Hollywood Reporter, Lindelof said the question has weighed heavily on their minds. He said: “Ridley was very interested in talking about, ‘What are the answers to the questions that Prometheus is posing that are not necessarily definitively spelled out in the body of Prometheus?’

I said to him, ‘We should be prepared for people to feel frustrated if we’re going to be withholding, so we have to be very careful about what we’re saving for later’, because it’s not a foregone conclusion that there are going to be sequels.”

Lindelof added that his experience of co-creator of Lost has made him aware of the potential pitfalls of creating a long-running screen mythology. He said, “the audience is given a little more information than the characters in the movie,” and added, “it’s our hope that fires the imagination enough for them to say, ‘I might want to see Prometheus again’, or, ‘I definitely want to see where this movie takes me’.”

He also said that a possible title for a sequel could be Paradise, which was the original working title for Prometheus. You can watch a clip from the movie at the top of the page.