Quentin Tarantino confirms his retirement plans

Director has said in the past that he plans to quit making movies after his 10th film.

Quentin Tarantino has once again confirmed his previously-announced retirement plans.

The director has said in the past that he intends to quit making movies after his 10th film. “It’s not etched in stone, but that is the plan,” he said in 2014. “If I get to the 10th, do a good job and don’t screw it up, well that sounds like a good way to end the old career.”

Tarantino’s most recent film, 2015’s western The Hateful Eight, was his eighth, meaning he only has two movies left according to his current plan.


The director said again in July of this year: “I’m planning on stopping at 10 [films]. So it’ll be two more.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, he reiterated this plan at an event in San Diego earlier today (November 3), saying: “Drop the mic. Boom. Tell everybody, ‘Match that shit’.”

Asked at the event how he defines success, Tarantino replied: “Hopefully, the way I define success when I finish my career is that I’m considered one of the greatest filmmakers that ever lived. And going further, a great artist, not just filmmaker.”

Tarantino’s first film, Reservoir Dogs, came out in 1992, meaning he has now made eight films in 24 years, or an average of one film every three years.

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