Quentin Tarantino courting Will Smith for new spaghetti western?

Director wants Smith to star in 'Django Unchained', according to a report

Quentin Tarantino is reportedly sounding out Will Smith about starring in his next film, Django Unchained.

The Inglorious Basterds director is currently selecting a studio partner for the project but already has Smith in mind for the title role, according to Hollywoodreporter.com.

Smith‘s representatives have been sent the script, but it is “unclear” if the Wild Wild West star has read it yet.

“No official offer has been made to Smith, and any deal would of course be subject to working out financials,” the article stated.


Samuel L Jackson and Christoph Waltz are also thought to be in line to star in the film, which will tell the story of a slave in the Old South of the US teaming up with a German bounty hunter to search for his wife.

Tarantino is thought to be keen to start shooting the project this autumn, possibly in Louisiana.

Smith‘s last major film role was 2008’s Seven Pounds.

He produced The Karate Kid remake – which starred his son Jaden Smith – last year and has also signed on to reprise his role in Men In Black 3.