Quentin Tarantino’s cast wish list for ‘Pulp Fiction’ has been released

Featuring Michael Madsen, John Cusack and more

The rough cast wishlist for Pulp Fiction as decided by Quentin Tarantino has just been shared – take a look below.

The list includes five different headings for various characters in the 1994 film, including Pumpkin, Honey Bunny, Vincent, Lance and Jody.

Tarantino had included asterisks next to the names of actors he was particularly keen on for the roles, with three asterisks appearing next to Tim Roth’s name for Pumpkin – who did indeed go on to play the character in the film.


Take a look at the full list here, as shared by author Don Winslow:

Michael Madsen was the filmmaker’s first choice to play Vincent, but the character in the end was played by John Travolta.

“Strong, strong, strong second choice,” Tarantino wrote next to Travolta’s name on the cast list.

Two names were tied for first choice to play Vincent’s drug dealer Lance, with both John Cusack and Eric Stoltz in the running.

Tarantino clarified: “Wrote part for John, if john can’t do it I want Eric.” He went on to list other possibilities including Christian Slater, Gary Oldman and Robert Carradine.


In other Tarantino news, the filmmaker’s New Beverly Cinema reopened yesterday (June 1). 

The 300-seat cinema opened in 1929 on Beverly Boulevard and has been owned by Tarantino since 2007.

The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood director saved the cinema from redevelopment. It is known for showing features on both 35mm and 16mm prints, after Tarantino also became head curator for the cinema in 2014.