Quentin Tarantino’s classic Hollywood cinema reopens after more than a year

"To not have the option to fucking pause the movie, it’s refreshing"

Quentin Tarantino‘s New Beverly Cinema has reopened after closing its doors more than a year ago due to COVID-19.

The cinema, which is based in Los Angeles, welcomed back guests with a screening of Tarantino’s Oscar-winning Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Fans of the filmmaker snapped up tickets to the sold out screening, with some dressing up as Brad Pitt’s character Cliff Booth for the event.


Many of the films shown at Tarantino’s venue are 35mm and 16mm prints that come from Tarantino’s private collection. One of the cinema’s patrons, actor Giovanni Ribisi, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter from the reopening.

“It’s one thing to reopen theatres as that slowly rolls out, but it another thing to continue showing films on celluloid,” he said.

He also spoke fondly of returning to the big screen experience: “It’s so easy to start thumbing through your life. But to put your phone down, and to pay attention, and to not have the option to fucking pause the movie, it’s refreshing.”

The New Beverly Cinema was forced to close its doors in spring 2020 due to the pandemic. The venue was first opened in 1929. It was long subsidised by Tarantino before he took over in 2007. He became head programmer in 2014.

The cinema confirmed its reopening in May via Twitter. “Re-opening June 1, 2021 because we love showing movies,” read its marquee on the post.


Tarantino has recently spoken out again about his thoughts on retiring as a director. Speaking recently on the Pure Cinema Podcast, the filmmaker said: “I mean, most directors’ last films are fucking lousy,” he said, adding “It’s making me think that maybe I should not make another movie because I could be really, really happy with dropping the mic on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”