Original ‘Rambo’ creator says he’s “embarrassed” to be associated with ‘Rambo: Last Blood’

"The film is a mess."

The author and creator of the original Rambo book and film has said he feels “embarrassed” that his character is associated with Rambo: Last Blood – the latest movie in the Sylvester Stallone-led franchise.

The film, which was first announced by Stallone in 2015, has received a plethora of negative reviews upon its release. The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw said it was a “laughable Trumpian fantasy” whilst The Telegraph’s Tim Robey said it was a “grim, gruellingly crude killathon.”

Now, Rambo’s original creator David Morrell has added to the voices criticising the film. “I agree with these Rambo: Last Blood reviews,” he shared in a tweet. “The film is a mess. Embarrassed to have my name associated with it.”

Speaking to  Newsweek, Morrell continued his criticism saying: “I felt degraded and dehumanised after I left the theatre.”

He added: “Instead of being soulful, this new movie lacks one. I felt I was less a human being for having seen it, and today that’s an unfortunate message.

“That film is typical of ultra-violent 1970s exploitation ‘grindhouse’ films, the technique of which Rambo: Last Blood resembles. The sets here look cheap. The direction is awkward.”

He concluded: “Rambo could be called John Smith, and the film wouldn’t change…It assumes the audience is familiar with Rambo’s background, whereas anyone under 40 will wonder what on Earth is going on with those tunnels.”

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone

Stallone’s most recent film saw him reprise his role as Rocky Balboa in Creed II. Following the release of the movie, the actor said it was “probably my last rodeo” as Rocky.

“I thought Rocky was over in 2006, and I was very happy with that. And then all of a sudden this young man presented himself and the whole story changed,” he added.

“It went on to a new generation, new problems, new adventures, and I couldn’t be happier because as I step back ‘cause my story has been told, there’s a whole new world that’s gonna be opening up for the audience, for this generation.”

“It’s been my ultimate privilege to have been able to create and play this meaningful character. Though it breaks my heart, Sadly all things must pass… and end. Keep punching, I love you kind and generous people, and Rocky loves you too.”